For faith-based entrepreneurs ready to clarify their message and take massive action in building a purpose-driven, highly profitable life and business they love.


to the #1 source of faith-based business education and life mastery, where entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers are empowered to build remarkable lives and make an extraordinary impact in the world.



The Big B.O.O.M Business Launch
THE S.W.E.E.T. Spot Audit

Magnetic Sales Mastery
The "FUELED" Optimal Wellness Program
Raising Families God's Way
The Smart Money Makeover
Effective Communications Training
EMpower YOU Publishing
Time Blocking vs Time Expansion
...and more!

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Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

An Entrepreneur

You are launching or growing a business that has yet to hit the tipping point of success you long for and you know you need a proven mentor.

An Expert

You are a highly-qualified and profitable in your niche but you still feel like God is calling you and perhaps your family to something more.

An Influencer

You have a deep desire to step into a position of greater influence locally or nationally and you know NOW is the time to take action.

A Focused Creator

You want to write a book, start a business, launch a podcast, increase your sales, or create monumental change in a specific area of life.


Gain 100% clarity on God's Success Plan for your life, your family, your finances, your faith, and your business. Now is the time to design a highly focused strategy for success while surrounding yourself with a proven team to help you break through to 6 or 7 figures and beyond!

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Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching


  • Build a highly-profitable life and business you love?
  • Know and fulfill your God-given purpose?
  • Raise up the family of your dreams?
  • 10x your business & marketing efforts?
  • Be a better communicator & speaker?
  • Create generational wealth your family is proud of?
  • Write and publish your first book?
  • Turn your passion into a PMA (Profit-Making Activity)?
  • Reboot your brand, marketing, and sales strategy?
  • Experience entrepreneurial freedom?
  • Have a support team that locks arms with you in achieving your goals?

If you are ready to break through the barriers that have been holding you back and gain the peace and profits God has promised, this 12-month, full immersion program is for you!


We are honored to serve the thousands of members of our community and programs as a family of faith, dedicated to being an example of how to launch and scale a company vision that encompasses family and impacts future generations in the biggest "F-words" of FOCUS, FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCE, FITNESS, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AND FUN!

When you say "YES", you will experience the 52 weeks of LIVE life and business mastery classes, as well as be placed in an elite cohort with other CEO's , influencers, and entrepreneurs to hold you accountable to your goals and provide the scaffolding you need to stay on track.



"I am in my fourth year of coaching with Staci and my life will never be the same. Prior to the FBF Mastery Program, I was living in my car with my two grandbabies and struggling in every area of my life. I started as an EMwomen "rescue" and the FBF Mission Possible Life Mastery Program changed my life forever. Three years later and I am now operating my own business, making over $100k/year and living in state of total peace, clarity and peak performance. I am living a life that I once thought was impossible. I have lost over 30 pounds, paid off my car, am living in a beautiful home, and by the end of 2022, I will be totally debt-free!

Christina Willis


"Since aligning with Staci's coaching, God has enabled me to write and publish my first book, achieve the top sales position in my company, and launch a brand and business I am truly proud to say is making a difference in the lives of many. I have become so much more courageous and full of faith and I thank Staci for the role she has played in my personal and professional transformation."

Jamie Dahl

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Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching





I'm Staci. I am a dedicated mom and wife of 25 years, who happens to also be a highly skilled businesswoman and success coach with 35 years of experience in growing companies from scratch into the hundreds of millions and sales teams into the hundreds of thousands. I didn't go to college or come from a wealthy family but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the secret sauce to my success is what I will teach you when you learn how to be Fueled by Fire. While many coaches teach from book knowledge, I have worked diligently to create a life and business that serves as a living example of the strategies and methods I teach. When I hit 50, I determined to shift into my legacy strategy of giving back by helping other leaders duplicate the God-given success I have been blessed to achieve. And the best part of my story is that my husband and children work with me daily in this vision, and together, we are watching God use the Fueled by Fire movement to make life better for many. I am so excited for you to join us in what could possibly be the most significant year of your life!

Staci Wallace


Staci Wallace is a LEADING EXPERT in the field of business psychology and life mastery. She has helped raise companies from scratch into the hundreds of millions and sales teams into the hundreds of thousands. She has shared the stage with 5 U.S. Presidents and continues to help top-tier executives, business owners, and serial entrepreneurs achieve remarkable results in both business and life. And she does it from a faith-based perspective that links purpose, passion, and progress into the specific biblically-based strategies she has used for over 33 years that have led to exponential results.

A Living Example

Staci’s life and family are the canvas example of what it means to build a life and business you love while growing in your faith, family, finances, fitness, and freedom.

Proven Methods

Staci has used the same methods and strategies to grow massive companies, share the stage with five U.S presidents, travel the world as a keynote speaker, enjoy a passionate marriage of 25 years, raised two God-fearing young adults, live in divine health, and create a life, business, and non-profit she loves. 

Results Worth Duplicating

  • A best-selling author of 8 books and sales programs used by companies throughout the U.S.
  • Host of The Comeback Small Business Show
  • Host of The Fueled by Fire Podcast and media contributor to Charisma Magazine
  • A featured life coach on multiple publications and media outlets including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS,, Cosmopolitan
  • Multiple 7-9 figure business launches



LIVE Support

You need real, live support to help you launch your go-to-market strategy in a SIMPLE and scalable way, so you can learn as you grow and stop wasting money on how-to programs that don’t provide real hands-on support.


Daily Access

You need daily access to expert strategists & coaches to help you with your branding, marketing, and sales - so you continue to scale your vision, grow your family, and expand your reach.


Weekly Accountability

You need world-class accountability, where you feel supported and in partnership with real human experts-not online courses or digital downloads. This is what makes Fueled by Fire different from other programs.  One of our greatest core-values is providing accountability and support when our clients need it most.

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Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching

Weekly LIVE
Mastery Classes

Each Monday, Staci and team lead a live Mastery Session focused on strategy, tactics & implementation to elevate your mindset, toolset, and skillsets for next level results.

Direct Access

You will have direct advocate support for an entire year, holding you accountable to your weekly growth plan throughout the 12 months of Mastery.

LIVE Hot Topic Incubators

These deep dive sessions include life and business mastery coaching, hot seats, and open mic Q & A to ensure that each client gets the customized 1x1 help they need.

12-month access to THE VAULT

This is our online university of pre-recorded Mastery Courses, curriculum, action guides, and resources, available to you 24/7 so you can increase your learning and growth at your own pace.

Weekly LIVE Cohort

You will be placed in a small group cohort, along with other CEO's and thought leaders. Each cohort is led by an FBF Advocate Team and dedicated to your success.

Business Plan Support Tools

You will have access to a complete Business Plan Development Program to help you clarify your vision, set intentional financial goals, and detail the structure of your business os others can understand and support your efforts.

LIVE Fast Track Onboarding

This is an onboarding incubator with Staci, designed to help you hit the ground running with great clarity, focus, and your personal roadmap of success.

Private Facebook Community

This is where our CEO's and highly focused entrepreneurs collaborate to build epic brands, monumental impact and faith-based legacy.

The Big B.O.O.M Business Launch
THE S.W.E.E.T. Spot Audit

Magnetic Sales Mastery
"FUELED" Optimal Wellness Program
Goal Setting & Habit Mastery
Social Media 101
Effective Communications
Time Blocking vs Time Expansion
...and so much more!


  • The 1% Method of Micro-Progress
  • Organic Lead Generation & Social Media Marketing
  • How to Increase Your Income by $10/mo through Affiliate Sales
  • Suddenly Free: Gaining Freedom from Emotional and Addictive Triggers that Sabotage Success
  • How to Launch Your First Podcast
  • God's Plan for Kingdom Entrepreneurship (Genesis to Revelations)
  • Relationship Mastery: Family Matters & Deep Rescue
  • Becoming a Better Speaker & Online Influencer
  • How to Apply Scripture to Everyday Life & Business
  • How to Launch a Non-Profit Alongside your For-Profit Business
  • Business Systems, Infrastructure, and Operations you MUST apply to build a 7-8 figure legacy business.
  • ......and more!


The Fueled by Fire Life And Business Mastery program will show you how to put the right strategy, systems, and team in place to accomplish the God-inspired, once-in-a-life-time, multi-million dollar story of abundance you know is possible for you. Now is the time for you to get UNSTUCK and step into a place of productivity and power like never before!


Choose The Right Life & Business Mastery Plan
That’s Right For You

Most Flexible

Twelve Monthly
Payments of

Best Value

One Payment of

*10% savings


Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching



$mart Money Makeover

This 9-week course, based on biblical foundations for wealth generation, will be like NOTHING you have ever experienced before as you dive into the history of the spiritual background of the system of banks, and economic institutions. Learn the history of MAMMON, the root of why so many people spend their lives toiling for money but never seem to have enough for the things they know God has called them to do. This financial literacy and investment program will teach you how to earn more, save more, give more, and live a life of freedom with ZERO debt and total peace.

$3500 value

Write Like A Pro

This course will teach you my simple, but proven, step-by-step method of writing and publishing your book, song, or creative work. This method has helped me write, produce and create life-transforming works for over two decades, including 8 books and curriculum, five full musical works, and countless sales programs and certifications. If you have ever wanted to write a book or perhaps you've started but needed the structure and accountability to FINISH STRONG, this course is for you.

The framework of this course will give you the outlines, resources, charts, and training to help you start, finish, and publish your book within 90-days or less!

Value $3500


Mission Possible Life Mastery

Want to know God's plan and will for your life and business? Do you long to be a leader of faith, principles and integrity that is known for their faith and strong in their Christian example at work and in the home? This in-depth, 10-week, life mastery course is designed to help you KNOW GOD and dig deep into your behaviors, modalities, emotions and daily habits to see what it is that has been holding you back from UNLEASHING your fullest potential in the marketplace and world around you.

Value: $1000

Includes 10 videos, 28 audio lessons, the book, and daily applications to challenge you to discover God's unique plan for your life and business.

Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching

In 12 months you will look back and either say, “I wish I had” joined the Fueled by Fire Mastery Program or “I’m glad I did!” and live with no regrets.

Scenario 1
You keep trying to put the pieces together on your own, trying dozens of courses and programs that claim to know “the way” to a life of peace and profits, but they offer limited support or accountability. You've invested money in these courses with little return and you feel like you are spinning your wheels. You know you have a message to share but you're just not able to get it out there and you need someone that's "been there and done it" to show you how. The feeling of defeat has been overwhelming and you're at a loss for what to do next.

Scenario 2  
You join the Fueled by Fire “Life & Business Mastery Program” where faith-based business owners and entrepreneurs are building purpose-driven and highly profitable lives and businesses they love. Your business is successful, your marriage is thriving, you feel better than you have in years. You've reached a level of success you never thought was possible and somehow, you're more at peace than ever. You have found abundance - spirit, soul, and body and the support system around you is holding you accountable to your BEST LIFE on a daily basis.

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?


"As a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in ICU care, the choices I make at work could mean life or death for my babies. Staci has been such a critical key to helping me find clarity, peace, and balance that has impacted my career, marriage, faith, and every area of my life."
-Sandra Gosser MSN, APRN, NNP


"My life nearly fell apart when my husband left me after 25 years of marriage and after building a multi-million dollar business together. I joined Staci's Coaching Program because I knew I needed immediate personal and professional rescue. That investment was one of the best decisions of my life and I'm back, stronger than ever and now leading other women to live their best life now!."
- Mitzie Rick


"After one year of attending Staci's classes, my life has completely changed and I will never be the same. I am a businesswoman who has been a high-performer, despite deep insecurities that have played on my emotions. Now, after one year of coaching, I am bold, tenacious, living in abundance, and using my influence to make a difference in the world."
- Naomie Katalika


Choose The Right Life & Business Mastery Plan
That’s Right For You

Most Flexible

Twelve Monthly
Payments of $1,850

Best Value

One Payment of

*10% Savings

Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching

More Lives & Businesses Forever Changed...

Irina Chifor Ilie - Certified Nutritionist & Life Coach

Shaley Griffith - CEO, Champions Equine Therapy

Deb Ritch - Master Gardener & Photographer

Lisa Briscoe - CEO, Investor (former drug dealer)


There’s no better time to take a leap of faith and invest in your life and career than right now. This one decision could be the pivotal move you need to make so you can move out of where you've been into becoming the purpose-driven, highly profitable leader God has destined you to be.

Apply Now!

Application Process Required: Membership includes 12 months of Elite Life & Business Mastery Coaching

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